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My name is Connor Jay Proctor and I'm glad you're here. 


I've always felt that the dualism of mind and body evaporates in the presence of beauty. Whether it be a sine wave or light wave, the divide between the physical and emotional deteriorates when we become immersed in something bigger than us. Music is the catalyst that allows me to connect my physical and spiritual worlds, and Metasine is the byproduct of that.

I started this journey in 2008 and have discovered so much about myself through the process. Creating is meditation. When you make something original, you live in the absolute present for a brief moment. In this moment the universe comes through you. The separation vanishes and pure expression takes over. Sometimes it can be satisfying, sometimes it can be devastating, but the process of growing through it is ultimately the flame that ignites my flow.


Thank you for taking the time to explore my story. It is my hope that I can provide you with a unique musical experience and help you to expand yourself, feel your feelings, and become immersed in something bigger than you. 

With all my love,


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