MAD Delay (Feat. Proc)

"What is delay? Is it a repeating sound slowly diminishing into the distance? A shimmer of light refracting through our world? Or, perhaps, the echoing of our souls across time and the universe? Whatever it may be, we like it. From simple structures, elaborate patterns are born, layered endlessly into harmonic existence. We don't make music with it, we make music for it." - Connor & Alex (aka Metasine & Proc)

Metasine's unique basslines and saxophone melodies combine with Proc's guitar to birth 'Mad Delay', which highlights the more sensual side of electronic jazz/funk. We tend to get very excited when these two musicians join forces, because the result is always next-level with elements of blues, jazz, and even some gnarly womps thrown in there.

Metasine (Connor Proctor) is typically known for his ability to tastefully sample old vinyls, bringing them back to life by fusing them with his electro-funk production. He has made a name for himself in the funk community by creating his own unique take on the genre, and his music continues to evolve with each release, reflecting the changes happening within himself as an artist, and as a person. For this EP, Metasine decided to "Step Outside" his comfort zone by moving away from sampling old records. Instead, he created everything himself. In 'Mad Delay', you will hear all original saxophone, keyboard, and guitar melodies written and recorded by Metasine & Proc.

'Mad Delay' doesn't necessarily have the "build-up, drop" format of most funky bass music, because it is more about progression, movement, and overall musicality. Its immersive atmosphere encompasses the listener, moving through a series of different moods and emotions. Depth is everything here. The downtempo jazz approach allows an intimate connection between listener and artist, making this EP really special.

'Mad Delay' perfectly embodies Connor's philosophy that drives his art, which he describes as follows:

"It is a paradigm in which the true emotional power of music lies in the ability of sound to penetrate and seemingly evaporate the dualism of body and mind. While sound is a physical phenomenon, music is psychological. While waves enter the brain, music enters the mind."


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