Producer Dojo Cypher Series

Updated: May 17, 2019

A series of beats following a set of rules. Each project a challenge to push me further and further out of my comfort zone.

1 - Shadown - Everyone flipped the same sample (really long recording of some weird sounds)

2 - Only One - No synthesizers. All 100% organic and acoustic sound manipulation

3 - Littering And... - Favorite movie remix! My beat originally started as Caddyshack (gunga la gunga), ended up swapping out the dialogue for Super Troopers due to the quality. Both amazing movies :)

4 - Can't Stop The Feeling - No repeated sounds, everything had to evolve and move. I.e. the same sound could not be played more that once the same way

5 - Off The Grid - No quantizing. Explorations in wonky beats and non perfect patterns.


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